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Are you are suffering? Is your body telling you that something is wrong and isn’t working properly? Are you looking to keep yourself healthy and functioning optimally? Perhaps it’s time to explore a different approach to maintaining health. Welcome to Upper Cervical Care!

What is Upper Cervical Care & What is a Subluxation?

The neck is a vital and complex region of your body. In order for health to be optimized, your brain needs to communicate effectively with your entire body. Major injury to the upper neck usually results in death or paralysis, but less severe injuries can result in serious negative long term effects as well. Like a pebble in your shoe that creates more irritation the longer it is present, misalignments in your neck irritate your nerves and blood vessels over time and can create significant problems with your body’s ability to self-heal.

A misalignment combined with nerve irritation is referred to as an upper cervical subluxation. Upper cervical chiropractors reduce the brain stem irritation and improve brain to body communication by returning proper structural balance to the upper neck. In short, we get your head on straight!

What is Upper Cervical Care?

What is a Subluxation?

When Should I Start?

It is preferable to attempt to fix an injury to the upper neck as quickly as possible before symptoms can develop. However, because upper cervical chiropractic is one of the best kept secrets in health care, most people don’t find an upper cervical chiropractor until after symptoms have developed.

Brain to Body Communication

The Nerve System Explained

What is Body Imbalance?

How Do I Know if I am a Candidate for Upper Cervical Care?

There are a number of signs upper cervical chiropractors may look for to determine if an accident or injury has created imbalances in your neck. If these imbalances are negatively affecting your health, you are considered to have an upper cervical subluxation.

Assessment criteria may differ in individual offices based on doctor preference and training. Some typical signs of subluxation include temperature asymmetry or muscle imbalances in your neck and body, a long or short leg, a high or low hip, uneven shoulders, or twisting in your body’s posture.

Who Can Benefit from Upper Cervical Care?

How Long Will it Take to Get Better?

Our Solution

Once significant and consistent abnormal findings have been established, an upper cervical chiropractor will take precise x-rays to measure the severity of the misalignment. Using an individual’s unique findings, the doctor will calculate the appropriate intervention necessary to return the structural imbalances back towards normal.

Visiting Your Upper Cervical Doctor

Why Do I Need X-Rays?

Why Haven’t I Heard of Upper Cervical Care?

Amazing Patient Stories

What to Expect

If the findings indicate that you have an upper cervical subluxation/injury, your doctor will put together an individualized plan which will allow your body the time to stabilize and recover. Click HERE to find the doctor closest to you.

After Your First Upper Cervical Correction

What is Retracing?

Holding Your Upper Cervical Correction

What About Drugs & Surgery?

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Are you are suffering? Is your body telling you that something is wrong and isn’t working properly? Explore a different approach to maintaining health. Contact us today.

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