Meet Farmington Chiropractor Dr. Jackson Chism

Meet Dr. Jackson Chism, Farmington Chiropractor at the Upper Cervical Clinic of Northwest Arkansas

Jackson Chism, D.C.

Your body was not designed to be sick and tired. That bears repeating – Your body was not designed to be sick and tired. Being sick and being tired are signs of a problem with your body’s natural ability to heal itself.

I first learned this truth when I began experiencing spells of numbness in my right arm while attending Henderson State University. My neurologist gave me two options – neck surgery every five years for the rest of my life, or continual numbness. I happened upon a third option, Upper Cervical Care, and was surprised to have found complete relief after following my care plan.

With that experience, my plans changed and my calling became clear. I made the move to Chesterfield, MO to attend Logan University, where I completed my Bachelors of Human Biology and my Doctorate in Chiropractic. There, I began studying Upper Cervical Care, a specialization that is often dubbed “the best kept secret in healthcare.” I completed the Upper Cervical Certification Course at Logan under Dr. John Strazewski, followed by the Knee-Chest Upper Cervical Specific Certification Course under Dr. Robert Kessinger.

I then had the chance to put all of my new knowledge to work as I trained under Dr. JR and Dr. Tonya Crabtree at the renowned Arkansas Upper Cervical Center in Searcy. Learning from the very best, I came out on the other side with the experience I needed to support my patients in understanding the body’s ability to heal and to function as God intended it to.

My wife, Jana, and I recently felt called to NWA with our son, Jase, and our pug, Frank. There is nothing more rewarding than to help people overcome sickness and exhaustion (and get their lives back), and I am beyond excited to share this “best kept secret” with the people of NWA.

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